By Kyle Anderson
Updated February 11, 2013 at 10:30 PM EST

It’s been a good year for comebacks so far. David Bowie? Welcome back. My Bloody Valentine? Excellent to see you again. Justin Timberlake? You’ve been missed.

The excitement over the return of the Postal Service—the tracks-by-mail collaboration between Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard and electronic artist Jimmy “Dntel” Tamborello—is not quite as large as that for the above artists, but it’s just as fiercely passionate. The group’s first and only album Give Up came out in 2003 and found a surprisingly massive audience attracted to its combination of confessional lyrics, deeply-rooted melodies, and blippy electronic undercurrents. In a way, it’s quite trenchant—what song not called “Such Great Heights” has better melded the worlds of rock honesty and electronic cool?

Give Up sold over a million copies, and Gibbard and Tamborello have decided to dust the project off for some tour dates this summer. They’re not putting out new music per se, though they are resurrecting some songs from the Give Up sessions for a deluxe edition of that release. The first song unveiled is called “A Tattered Line of String.” Give it a listen below, and for a bonus 2003 callback, listen for the guest vocals of Rilo Kiley singer Jenny Lewis.

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The Postal Service

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