By Annie Barrett
February 11, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST

Crisis averted! As if oozing Angelina Leg in a stunning Hefty Sack wasn’t heroic enough, Jennifer Lopez ended up saving Adele from a sure-to-be-obnoxious encounter with Grammys crasher Vitalii Seduik — the same Ukranian TV personality who tried to make out with Will Smith on the red carpet of Men in Black III‘s Moscow premiere and gifted Madonna those absolutely loathsome hydrangeas! Seduik somehow got onstage as Adele came up to accept the Grammy for Best Solo Pop Performance, but luckily J. Lo was there to throw him a scathing “Set Fire to This Pain in the Ass” glare and then shoo him away with a quick jerk of her thumb. Behold an international hero at work in the short clip below.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Seduik entered the Grammys without any sort of ticket or credentials, eventually making his way to Adam Levine’s assigned seat (Levine sat elsewhere) to place himself properly for his thwarted swoop-in on Adele. A source close to Seduik told THR Seduik spent the night in jail after being detained by event security backstage.

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