By Ray Rahman
Updated February 10, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST
Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

So, now that the 55th Annual Grammys have officially ended, it’s time to ask the most important question of the night: Were all of the televised buttocks and female breasts adequately covered?

This year, CBS issued a memo outlining their preferred list of dos and dont’s regarding Grammy outfits. In addition to banning inadequately covered buns and boobs, the pearls-clutching network also advised against such scandalous sartorial cues as “thong type costumes,” “bare fleshy under curves of the buttocks and buttock crack,” “female breast nipples,” and other similarly steamy phrases.

And, of course, the Grammy guests didn’t listen to any of that noise. Below, check out our list of stars who dared to bare at this year’s Grammys:

Alicia Keys

With her mainly transparent dress, the “Girl on Fire” woman showed off pretty much everything she could this side of premium cable. Avert your eyes, CBS’s Standards & Practices department!

Jennifer Lopez

J. Lo got a case of Angelina Leg when she flashed her bottom-right limb. And she even addressed the issue head-on, assuring viewers that she “had read the memo” while on onstage with Pitbull. Yet as Pit put it, she “inspired the memo.”

Kelly Rowland

The Destiny’s Child vet’s dress included plenty of negative space, particularly in her inner-chestal region.

Katy Perry

As one of my colleagues put it, the California Gurl rocked the red carpet looking like “Mermaid Morticia Addams” in her Gucci dress. One key feature of the vamped-up star’s look? So much middle-boobage! It was enough to impress Ellen DeGeneres, if not CBS.


Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

RiRi played it safe much of the night, but when she jumped onto the stage to join Bruno Mars and Sting’s Marley tribute, she donned a get-up nearly as revealing as her personal Instragram account. Her two-piece ensemble certainly displayed what seemed like acres of midriff, showing off more tattooed décolletage than CBS would prefer.

Skylar Grey

Speaking of ink-flashing, the “C’Mon Let Me Ride” songstress also showed off a potentially controversial percentage of side-body, including an avian under-boob tattoo.


The R&B Canuck also drew the Eye’s attention with a black-and-gold robe-like garment that barely — and just barely! — draped her breasts.

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