By Hillary Busis
Updated February 08, 2013 at 03:49 PM EST
Snow Storm Systems
Credit: NOAA/AP

An historic storm’s a-brewin’ over New England and the northeast Mid-Atlantic — though once you hear what the Weather Channel is calling it, you might want to give it a hug rather than flee from it.

Yes, the catastrophic blizzard expected to drop up to three feet of snow on some northeastern areas has been dubbed Nemo. And while the name has a lot of connotations, chances are that hearing it makes you think of an adorable cartoon fish rather than a mysterious sea captain or a sleepy little boy.

It’s not exactly the most intimidating moniker for such a gigantic storm — though that isn’t really The Weather Channel’s fault. The network chose the names it would use for 2012’s winter storms way back in November. Since convention dictates that the names are given in alphabetical order, it had no control over which storm would get which label. (Side note: There was a blizzard called Gandolf, and nobody told me?)

Still, we can think of a few other cartoon characters whose names might make an impending storm sound a little more imposing. Nemo’s fellow Pixar characters don’t give us much to work with — Lots-o-Huggin’ Bear definitely won’t cut it, although Syndrome could do the trick. But his corporate siblings at Disney provide plenty of options:

Ursula: We already know she can pull off one hell of a whirlpool; why not take that skill to the clouds?

Cruella: To see her is to catch a sudden chill. To walk through her storm would be even worse.

Jafar: Would cause massive delays at all magic carpet-ports.

Gaston: Roughly the size of a barge, or several barges.

Maleficent: A great excuse to sleep in.

Scar: At least you’d know to be prepared.

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