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Did congressman Frank Underwood manipulate Mother Nature into unleashing Winter Storm Nemo? If you’ve been watching Netflix’s House of Cards, you’ll know that Kevin Spacey’s character is capable of pretty much anything — and if you haven’t been watching it (but happen to live on the East Coast), whaddaya know, the ginormous blizzard currently barreling toward you will give you the perfect opportunity to start. Frank, you sly dog!

Of course, if you don’t want to give Rep. Underwood the satisfaction of victory, you can always ditch House of Cards for any number of other streaming options perfect for binge-viewing. Here’s a list of our top picks:

– In May, new episodes of Arrested Development will finally hit Netflix, possibly causing the Internet to implode from excitement. Revisit the comedy’s original three seasons there to prepare for what’s coming.

Breaking Bad‘s final season will draw to a close on AMC this summer. If you’re not caught up (or — for shame! — never started watching), now’s your chance to fix that via Netflix.

– And on a similar note, Downton Abbey‘s first two series seasons are on Hulu, and has every episode of the current third season. (Well, every one that’s aired in the U.S., at least.)

– Can’t get enough of British accents? Netflix has six modern seasons of Doctor Who — and 18 classic seasons. Watching this could help you time-travel directly to Monday!

Homeland, unfortunately, can’t be found online legally unless you happen to be a Showtime subscriber. So do the next best thing: watch My So-Called Life on either Netflix or Hulu, and just imagine that Angela Chase eventually dyes her hair blond and changes her name to Carrie Mathison.

– If you love[ed] Aaron Sorkin but The Newsroom bums you out, Netflix has the solution: Every episode of The West Wing, plus every episode of Sports Night. Remembering the good old days has never been easier.

– Though at this point you know everything there is to know about Manti Te’o, you may have somehow avoided MTV’s Catfish, a show all about online relationships being brought into the real world. Every episode is kind of exactly the same (the twist: one or both of the people lied about themselves!), but that basic formula is endlessly entertaining. Find it on Hulu or

– Or ditch new school MTV for old school MTV and spend the weekend eating pizza and watching Daria on Hulu. Just don’t laugh out loud; that’s how Daria would want it.

– Want to watch an even older show aimed at teens? Both the original Degrassi Jr. Highand Degrassi High are on Hulu as well. Everybody can succeed, all you need is to believe!

– Another solid option: A Joss Whedonathon, composed of equal parts Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse, all of which are on Netflix. Well, maybe you can skimp on the Dollhouse portion.

– Want to watch something that’ll make you feel like you’re not caught in an icy coffin of frozen doom? Load upLost on Netflix — the island setting should heat you right up. Plus, if you re-watch the finale, you’ll be kept warm by the fires of your rage!

– Finally, a recommendation from EW’s Darren Franich: “The entire (and only) season of Kings is on Hulu, normal not plus, and it’s sooo good.” It’s certainly the best biblically inspired speculative drama starring Ian McShane on the entire Internet, that’s for sure.

What do you plan to marathon this weekend — storm or no storm?

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