By Mandi Bierly
Updated February 08, 2013 at 06:11 PM EST
The Vampire Diaries
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Spoiler alert, if you haven’t watched this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries: We’re now on the island where Silas and the cure are supposedly buried. We know Stefan, Elena, and Rebekah all want the cure, and Damon doesn’t. Klaus, still stuck in Elena’s house, doesn’t want it either, but everyone, including Tyler, wants to shove it down his throat. So, who do you WANT to get the cure, and who do you THINK will get the cure? Polls below!

As I said in my recap, I’m not sure why they’re all assuming that “the cure,” whatever form it’s in, will be enough for whoever all wants to take it. Qetsiyah just needed it to be enough for Silas, right? So maybe it’s only for one person, or perhaps two. Of course, it would be interesting for the people who don’t want it to somehow be forced to take it, meaning Klaus and/or Damon, but that’s a big risk considering you’ve got the Originals spinoff brewing for Klaus and we all like Damon just the way he is. If this were TVD‘s last season, then perhaps you could go there. Or, if someone can be made a vampire again after taking the cure, you could do it. Can they? Or does the cure also act like a vaccine?

I’d like Rebekah to get the cure, because it’d be fun to see how someone who’s basically indestructible behaves when she’s suddenly a fragile human (and inevitably realizes there’s a reason why most adults wouldn’t be teenagers again if you paid them). We’ve also grown to care about her enough that it would be upsetting if she were to die. (Like, say, she becomes human and then sacrifices herself to save Stefan from someone or something.) I don’t want Stefan to get the cure now, because I like his recent attitude adjustment and hotness (even though it could be interesting to see if HE still wanted Elena if he were human and she wasn’t). But I’d be okay if Elena were to get it (even though that’s predictable, since she’s the reason they set out for it). As excited as I was for vampire Elena before the season began, the sire bond has made her less fun than expected. I mean, it gave us a sex scene and that romantic “get in your car and come to me” phone call, but it also feels like it’s put an invisible wall up between her and us. I miss identifying with her.

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