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30 Rock

”God, we all move slow.”

—R (Nicholas Hoult), on the pace of zombie walking, in Warm Bodies

”Thank you, America! That’s our show! Not a lot of people watched it. But the joke’s on you, ’cause we got paid anyway!”

— Tracy (Tracy Morgan) in the series finale of 30 Rock

”These days the gays are accepted everywhere you go. They’re like Visa cards. Only thinner.”

— Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report

”I called out to God, but the devil keeps answering/I’m tryin’ every little remedy I can/But this all just bulls—.”

— Cee Lo Green, ”Only You”

”Any questions?”

— Beyoncé, after belting ”The Star-Spangled Banner” live during a pre–Super Bowl press conference

”You lightly bite one security guard, and they act like you’re a criminal.”

— Jane (Eliza Coupe) on Happy Endings

”Are we going to fight, or are you planning on boring me to death?”

— “James Bonomo (Sylvester Stallone), to a chatty goon who’s threatening him, in Bullet to the Head

”I was the Justin Bieber of the ’70s. Really. Ask your mother.”

— Barry Manilow at the opening performance of Manilow on Broadway

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