The 26-year-old actress has a major YA-franchise movie ('Beautiful Creatures', out Feb. 14), a new album ('Sentimental Journey', out now), an acclaimed TV show ('Shameless', Sundays, 9 p.m. on Showtime) — and eclectic taste in music.

By Ray Rahman
February 08, 2013 at 05:00 AM EST

John Lwqia ”Afternoon in Paris”

”He’s a jazz pianist that my mom played all the time when I was a kid. From the ages of, like, 3 to 12, this was constantly on in my house. It reminds me of growing up, that cozy feeling of smelling warm lasagna in the oven.”

M83 ”Wait”

”I listen to this band a lot with [costar] Justin Chatwin on the Shameless set. We’ll play this song in the makeup trailer in the morning, and it’ll get us all pumped up and Chicago-feisty.”

”The Crew-Cuts Sh-Boom”

”It’s freaking adorable! It’s so happy and uplifting, it makes my heart feel like it’s Valentine’s Day. Songs aren’t written like this anymore.”

Drake ”Marvin’s Room”

”I think I have this on a playlist called ‘Hotel Music’ because I was listening to a lot of Drake when I was making Beautiful Creatures. My costar Thomas Mann had both Drake CDs on heavy rotation, and this became my favorite song. I can even do the rap — although I bleep myself out. He’s kind of the only rapper on a routine rotation on my iPod.”