By Jeff Labrecque
Updated February 07, 2013 at 07:43 PM EST
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

President Obama carried New York by 27 percentage points, but that doesn’t mean that every vote in the Empire State didn’t count — especially if you are the “voice of a generation” and made a campaign plea for first-time voters to go all the way with Obama at the ballot box. Last Wednesday, a blogger for the website Room Eight claimed that Lena Dunham had failed to vote, based on their review of New York City voter files.

Well, Dunham’s not having any of it. She popped up on Twitter this afternoon to correct the rumor, explaining that she actually flew back to New York to cast her vote at her old polling place rather than deal with the frustrating absentee ballot system:

I’m glad that’s cleared up. Any time we can throw around steampunk cornmazes, I’m a happy man.

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