By Adam Carlson
February 07, 2013 at 04:35 PM EST
Danny Clinch

Which of the following does not happen in the just-released video for Kenny Chesney’s new single, “Pirate Flag”: a man spills tropical drinks all over the camera lens; the sun appears to explode; there are a lot of flags; Chesney dances without actually moving his feet.

It’s a trick a question! None of those things don’t happen in Chesney’s new video, because this is Kenny Chesney and if the song is called “Pirate Flag,” its video will be full of pirate flags.

The song itself is standard for Chesney’s mid-career spin on Jimmy Buffett, which can be nice — the instrumentation is nice! — except that it’s been abnormally cross-pollinated with that other, more recent, more terrible trend in the genre: it sometimes sounds like Chesney is barking his lines, they’re so full of himself. (See also: McGraw, Tim.)

In this way, the video is the total opposite, all dappled sun, sand, and women. Classic Chesney. The lens flaring is a little much and I don’t think anyone can explain to me why Kenny still moves the way that he does, but look on the bright side: flags, in a video about flags!

Click over to The Boot for the video: does it deliver?

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