The next step in the year of Justin Timberlake’s musical comeback has arrived. Last night, the singer tweeted out the album cover (above) as well as track listings for The 20/20 Experience, which drops Mar. 19. “I wanted you guys to see this first!!!” the singer wrote.

The handwritten song list only contains 10 tracks, so for those hoping Timberlake would be bringing longer albums back, you might be disappointed. The songs? “Pusher Love Girl,” “Suit & Tie,” “Don’t Hold the Wall,” “Strawberry Bubblegum,” “Tunnel Vision,” “Spaceship Coupe,” “That Girl,” “Let the Groove Get In,” “Mirrors,” and “Blue Ocean Floor.” Feel free to overanalyze.

Timberlake already performed “Pusher Love Girl” and “That Girl” in his pre-Super Bowl concert last weekend. The ode to getting dressed, “Suit & Tie,” is of course the lead single that was officially released Jan. 14.

Music Mix-ers: Now that you’ve had some time to mull over a few of the tracks, are you excited about more musical Timberlake?

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