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February 07, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST

• Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Banks have signed on to star in the upcoming film The Big Shoe. Directed by Steven Shainberg (Secretary), the film is about a brilliant shoe designer (Jim Sturgess) whose mother (Susan Sarandon) wants him to get into the lucrative knock-off business. When he tries to go off on his own, she hires a “muse” (Stewart) and a therapist (Banks) to try to convince him to do her bidding. [THR]

• Anna Faris is set to star in Ellen Page’s directorial debut Miss Stevens about a depressed teacher forced to chaperone a group of high school students on a trip to a state drama competition. Miss Stevens will apparently discover her own self-worth over the course of the weekend thanks to her students, making it sound like it could be a huge departure from the types of comedies Faris generally stars in. [THR]

• Jake Paltrow (yes, Gwyneth’s brother) has lined up an impressive cast for his film Young Ones. Michael Shannon (Take Shelter), Elle Fanning (Somewhere), and Nicholas Hoult (Warm Bodies) have all been confirmed to star in this futuristic thriller where water has become the most valuable, and scarcest, resource. [Variety]

• Every Secret Thing has added Dakota Fanning and relative unknown Danielle Macdonald to its cast. The Amy Berg film, based on the 1994 Laura Lippman novel, is about two 18-year-olds, recently released from imprisonment for murdering a baby. After they get out, more children start to go missing. Diane Lane was already set to play the mother of one of the girls, and Elizabeth Banks will play the cop leading the investigation. [Deadline]

Dakota Johnson (Ben and Kate) will join Aaron Paul and Michael Keaton in DreamWorks’ upcoming film Need for Speed. The film is based on the video game and will be directed by Scott Waugh (Act of Valor); there were no details given yet about Johnson’s character. [Deadline]

• Melissa McCarthy is a busy woman. Just one day after announcing three films for her new production company, two of which she’ll star in, today it was reported that she’s currently in talks to direct and star in the raunchy comedy Tammy, which she also wrote. The film is about a woman who embarks on a road trip with her alcoholic grandmother (Shirley MacLaine is in talks for the role). [THR]

• Ben Lewin (The Sessions) will direct Katherine Heigl in an upcoming drama, a remake of a Korean film based on a Japanese TV series, A Moment to Remember. Heigl will play a woman who loses her memory and her husband must try to convince her to fall in love with him again…making it sound a lot like The Vow. [THR]

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