By Samantha Highfill
Updated February 06, 2013 at 05:01 AM EST
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It’s official: Red is the new black. Or perhaps red is just more powerful than black.

Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 18 “Dead to Me” was all about heartbreak, heartache and a little hypnotherapy. From Aria spending her days lying in Ezra’s bed waiting for the phone to ring to Caleb’s trip to his childhood home, tonight’s episode was full of frowns … and the occasional scream.

First things first: Jason returned to Rosewood along with Ali’s remains, and he thoughtfully arranged for the girls to say goodbye to Ali at the local mausoleum. But not everybody was eager to bid farewell to Ali yet again. Instead, Spencer decided she was too busy hanging out with her PI-turned-therapist and discovering that Toby bought a bunch of hydrangeas before skipping town. Could he have a soft side after all?

As it turns out, the answer to that question is a big fat NO delivered to Spencer in the form of the “A” team’s lair (aka the location that Spencer’s PI traced the “A” key back to). And if you thought Spencer hit rock bottom last week, you were wrong. After discovering that Toby isn’t even a little good, Spence showed up at Ali’s interment, where she told Jason about Ali’s alleged pregnancy with Detective Wilden’s baby. She then discovered Toby’s reason for purchasing hydrangeas — he had been putting them at his mother’s plaque in the mausoleum. So perhaps he does have a soft side, just not for Spencer? Well it doesn’t matter anymore, because Spencer ditched her soft side right then and there and carved Toby’s name into his mother’s plaque. Does this mean she wants to kill him? Is Spoby done for good?!

As long as we’re talking about breakups, we might as well chat about Aria, who was busy “taking care of Ezra’s plants” at his apartment when Wesley came knocking. Turns out, baby Fitz wasn’t a fan of his pep-school life, and when he hit on his physics teacher, aka the “intellectual cougar,” in an attempt to get kicked out of school, all he ended up with was a suspension (and the physics teacher’s angry husband). So he’s hiding out at Ezra’s apartment. Could Aria and Wesley form a love connection in Ezra’s absence? That Wesley does have great hair …

Moving on! As Aria lay on Ezra’s bed, Emily lay on Dr. Sullivan’s (Welcome back, doc!) couch to try some hypnotherapy to deal with the aftershock of killing Nate. But after therapy made Emily think she killed Ali, she decided Dr. Sullivan might not be the answer to her problems. She later figured things out on her own. She simply mixed up memories. How she went from remembering hitting Ali over the head with a shovel to remembering standing by while someone in a black hoodie dug up Ali’s grave on a separate night, I do not know. But there’s one thing that Em is certain of: A blonde in a red coat is in charge of the “A” team. Could it be Ali? CeCe? Ali’s twin? Someone else?

Finally, will we see Toby again soon? If he used his credit card to buy that whiskey at the end of the episode, Spencer’s PI should be able to track him. And when they find him, they should really buy him a new wallet. Chains are so 2003.

You tell us: What was with Emily’s first memory? Was it simply wrong? Do you want to see more of Caleb’s family (or Hanna’s overalls)? And who is in the red coat?!

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