By Samantha Highfill
February 06, 2013 at 06:31 PM EST
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After hearing the latest news that the Bings are back, we couldn’t help but imagine what Ms. Chanandler Bong and his wife are up to now. Although we like to think that they are busy raising two very competitive and witty children, and that Joey is in fact living in an apartment above their garage (and teaching their children the art of “How you doin'”), we don’t actually know.

So while our Friends-loving hearts still wait for a real reunion (fingers crossed), we currently get through the day by reliving the handful of mini-reunions we’ve enjoyed over the years. Here’s a look back at the many times that we’ve sat at home and remembered the days of Joey’s sandwiches, Ross’ divorces and, of course, smelly cat:

Jennifer Aniston on Dirt: They might’ve been roommates on Friends, but it wasn’t until Jennifer Aniston guest starred on Courteney Cox’s drama Dirt as Cox’s enemy that the two finally shared an onscreen kiss. (We never did get to see Rachel and Monica’s minute-long kiss that won them back their apartment.)

David Schwimmer on Web Therapy: Ross as the child of one of Phoebe’s ex-lovers? Well, that sort of happened when Schwimmer appeared on Lisa Kudrow’s Showtime comedy Web Therapy.

Lisa Kudrow on Cougar Town: Kudrow took her blond locks to Cougar Town to play Jules’ extremely rude (but somehow lovable) dermatologist. Seeing Kudrow treat Cox took us back to the day when Phoebe massaged Monica.

Courteney Cox on Web Therapy: In a Friends role-reversal, Cox showed up on Kudrow’s Web Therapy as an Internet psychic who needed help regaining her abilities. As far as we’re concerned, she went to the right place.

Jennifer Aniston on Cougar Town: This time, Aniston was the eccentric one when she played a therapist on Cox’s hit comedy. And no, they didn’t kiss.

Then there was always that time when David Schwimmer directed two episodes of Joey.

And that’s a wrap! We’re out of mini-reunions for now, until we get to watch Chandler and Mon on Matthew Perry’s hit show Go On.

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