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Things looked bleak for Merle Dixon on The Walking Dead’s midseason finale cliffhanger. The Governor had reunited Merle with his long lost brother Daryl and appeared ready to kill them both. But if one of these exclusive pictures from the show’s return episode on Sunday, Feb. 10 on AMC is to believed, it looks like Merle may make it out of the encounter alive, only to have an up close and personal encounter with another dangerous foe — an encounter that ends with said foe missing a face. But before we can get to that gnarly picture (seriously, don’t view after eating lunch) here are some other revealing shots from the next episode of The Walking Dead.

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The crowd screaming for blood would seem to indicate that this shot is from a continuation of the scene where the Governor has the town calling for the blood of Merle and Daryl Dixon. Is Andrea trying to put a stop to the bloodlust? Is that dude in the leather vest attempting to restrain the sharpshooter or merely copping a feel? And did the chick in the leather hat borrow her chapeau from Leather Vest Dude because those would totally match? So many questions!

Image Credit: Tina Rowden/AMC[/caption]

We thought Rick left Woodbury after he rescued Glenn and Maggie. But did he? He’s holding a big gun and looks like he’s itching to use it here. He also looks super sweaty. Is that because he’s in the heat of battle or is he freaked out by more disturbing mutton-chopped visions of former friend-turned-foe Shane? Either way — get it together, man!

Image Credit: Gene Page/AMC[/caption]

Ummm…gross? This picture would seem to indicate that Merle somehow survives the Governor’s calls for Dixon blood, but what’s he doing hovering over a zombie whose brains and face he appears to have just bashed in? And are those bloody brains stuck to the funky appendage where his right hand used to be? Like I said, gross. (And awesome.)

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