By EW Staff
Updated February 05, 2013 at 09:58 PM EST

Debra Winger had a famously tumultuous experience playing Shirley MacLaine’s daughter in Terms of Endearment (MacLaine didn’t enjoy the experience either), but imagine growing up with the Hollywood icon in real life. Sachi Parker, daughter of MacLaine and producer Steve Parker, writes about her atypical upbringing and the celebrated and idiosyncratic woman at the center of it in her new memoir Lucky Me: My Life with — and Without — My Mom, Shirley MacLaine (out Thursday). Here are some of the weirdest moments from the book. UPDATE: EW has received a statement from MacLaine in response to allegations from the memoir: “It’s a painful moment for me as a mother and as someone who values the truth. I’m shocked and heartbroken that my daughter would make statements about me that are virtually all fiction. I’ve praised her lovingly and truthfully in my own autobiographies. I’m sorry to see such a dishonest, opportunistic effort from my daughter for whom I’ve only ever wanted the best.”

On her mother’s insistence that she have sex for the first time with her boyfriend while she and a pair of sex gurus hovered outside the door:

“’I think it’s a wonderful idea….I wish someone had been there for me,’ she added.”

On her mom’s belief in aliens:

“When we got back to the house, Mom pointed to the balcony. ‘See up there? That’s where I met them.’

‘Met who?”

‘The extraterrestrials. They landed over here on the sand, and then they came up on the porch, and we talked.’”

On her mom’s belief that her father had been cloned and was sometimes there and sometimes “Paul”:

“‘Paul is my real father? How come I’ve never heard of him? Where is he?’

‘Right now, he’s in outer space.’ Mom said this with disarming matter-of-factnes and a quiet sense of pride.

‘He’s in outer space?’

Mom made an equivocating gesture. ‘He’s on a mission for the government.’

‘A mission? What kind of mission?’

She gave me a patient smile. ‘A secret mission, sweetheart. All I know is, he’s in the Pleiades.’”

On her mom’s insistence that the government was a very real Big Brother:

“Mom fixed me with a benev0lently patronizing look. ‘Sachi, you’re very young, and you’re very naïve… The government does all kinds of crazy things. Do you realize they have surveillance satellites up there in space that can listen in on any conversation we have earth?’”

On discovering she had a different blood type than both her parents:

“…how could I be A positive? It wasn’t scientifically possible. I knew damn well Mom was my real mother — there was no escaping that — but was Dad my real father?….I do look like Dad…but I think I also bear a resemblance to, say, Yves Montand (or, for that matter, Alfred Hitchcock).”