The men of the Oscar-nominated Silver Linings Playbook appeared on Katie Couric’s syndicated talk show Katie yesterday and discussed director David O. Russell’s very personal ties to the film. Like Bradley Cooper’s bipolar character in the novel-turned-movie, the director’s son Matthew has had the kind of mood disorder that “can pull them down the drain and send the home into a tornado in moments,” Russell said. He got emotional relaying how his son, at age 1o and 11, told him life was so hard he wasn’t sure he wanted to keep going. But it was Robert De Niro who struggled to fight back tears when the conversation turned to Russell’s son’s cameo in the film (as the nosy boy next door), and how De Niro felt an even greater responsibility starring in the movie because he understands what Russell has gone through. Watch the clip below. Russell also reveals that the scene in the movie when De Niro cries was not scripted, and that De Niro also broke down when the two initially met to talk about the script.

You can see more of the interview on Katie Couric’s website. Russell explains further why he was drawn to the story in the first place. “I wanted a story that would really help him feel like he’s part of the world. And this story just seemed like the right story,” he said. “It’s not precious. It was human, it was relatable. It was the people like in The Fighter. It was a community. It had romance and it had all this enchantment. Because without the enchantment, you can’t make it through the hard times.”

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