By Erin Strecker
Updated February 05, 2013 at 03:00 PM EST
Celeste And Jesse Forever
Credit: Lee Toland Krieger

Warning: Celeste and Jesse Forever may make you cry.

The quirky romantic comedy starring Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg is about two best friends falling out of love with each other and getting divorced, while still trying to remain good friends. “We wanted to show a realistic portrayal about what it’s like to go through a breakup,” said Jones, who in addition to starring in the film co-wrote the script with friend Will McCormack. “And yeah, it’s totally sad. But it’s also weirdly funny.”

Jones discussed with EW her love of classic romantic comedies such as Annie Hall and Broadcast News and how she enjoys that rom-coms can explore the relationship questions of the day, such as when When Harry Met Sally asked if women and men can be “just” friends.

“[I] wanted to see if we could explore a new notion which was, ‘Can you actually go right into being friends with your ex?’” Jones explained. “I feel like I know so many couples who they meet and fall in love right after college and they have that first big adult love. But then they change, and their lives change, and they want their relationships to effect that change and the relationship doesn’t make sense any more. You don’t want to lose them, so what do you do with that relationship? Can you manage to find a way to have them in your life?”

For Jones’ character Celeste, a flawed type-A woman, that struggle between love, heartbreak and friendship provides the emotional crux of the movie. “We wanted to show a character who thinks she has a perfect life, and who thinks she can make it even more perfect by turning around and taking for granted this person she’s taken for granted forever, and the truth is, that’s not what happens,” Jones said. “People move on [and] mistakes happen. This is a character who is not very flexible and she kind of learns how to be flexible…. You can love somebody and it can change your life but it doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily right to be together forever, but that love will change your life forever. And that’s okay.”

Watch an exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette on the film below:

Celeste and Jesse Forever, which is nominated for Best First Screenplay at the upcoming Independent Spirit Awards, is available on Blu-ray and DVD today.

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