Justin Timberlake
Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Justin Timberlake doesn’t have much of a track record with album titles. His solo debut was a pun on his name, and the follow-up was a surreal word collage. His new record is called The 20/20 Experience, but what does it mean? Is he particularly driven by ABC news magazines? Deeply concerned about marksman-quality vision? Establishing a bar that is exactly half as awesome as Jay-Z’s 40/40? Is it a reference to the fact that the whole experience of creating the album consisted of 20 songs in 20 days?

Timberlake revealed the science behind the name this morning on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show. “It more or less came out of I was playing some of the stuff for my friends and they would come in and out of the studio and I’d say, ‘What do you think of this?'” Timberlake explained. “And my best friend said, ‘This is music that you can see,’ and for some reason that stuck with me.”

So there you have it: Justin Timberlake’s new album is a concept record about synesthesia.

Seacrest also got a few other details out of Timberlake. He also noted that the famous teaser video that Timberlake unleashed a few days before the unveiling of his new Jay-Z-assisted single “Suit & Tie” is actually from another project entirely. “That little piece of footage is from a documentary that we sort of started working on throughout the making of the album,” he told Seacrest.

Timberlake also admitted he still isn’t entirely sure what he’ll be doing at this Sunday’s Grammy Awards, though he did tease, “All over the world, with the performances I’m gonna do, you’ll hear some stuff you haven’t heard.”