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February 05, 2013 at 06:04 AM EST
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This is always an exciting time in the season for all of us here at The Bachelor. It’s that time when I get to walk in and let the ladies know it’s time to pack our bags and hit the road for the remainder of this adventure. There is always a period of time during a season when you realize things have changed. I often don’t fully realize just how pivotal this time really is until I have time to reflect upon it. The next three episodes were really pivotal time for Sean, as well as for the women. So, it’s with that in mind that we begin this very special two-day Bachelor marathon.

I woke the ladies up early the morning after the last rose ceremony to let them know they had just a couple hours to pack their bags to leave for Whitefish, Montana. I have loved the experience of traveling all around the world with this show. We have been to many incredible places, but to me it’s the little diamonds in the rough that we stumble upon that really turn me on. Whitefish is this quaint little fishing and ski town that sits right below Glacier National Park and it is truly a great example of a beautiful diamond in the rough.

Lindsay got the first one-on-one date this week. She’s an interesting woman to watch this season, and it’s hard to figure out exactly who she is. The first night she was so goofy with the wedding dress stunt that Sean nearly sent her home right away. Yet, here she is, and after this date with Sean she’s now one of the front-runners. Sean definitely likes the ladies that make life easy on him and have a good sense of humor and Lindsay fits that bill. She easily secured the rose and then the date spilled out into the streets of Whitefish for what I think is one of the coolest moments of the season. Just about the entire town of Whitefish gathered on Main Street in front of a stage we built for a concert with country star Sara Darling.

Sara put on a great show and then afterwards waited around to greet anybody who wanted to say Hi or get an autograph. Afterwards many of the fans and several of us found one of the local watering holes and the party and good times went deep into the night long after Sean and Lindsay went home. I really love how in some of our dates we are able to really embrace and involve a community like this.

The group date was a big redneck relay race. The women were so excited when they walked up to me that day. It was funny to watch their faces as I explained to them all the things they would have to do during this race, but nothing hit them harder than when I told them somebody would have to drink goat milk. I love Lesley’s attitude about it, though, when she said, “I’m gonna chug that goat’s milk like it’s my job.” Desiree and Lesley are two women that don’t care what it takes. They will go to great lengths to get time with Sean. The actual race was a bit of a disaster, especially the canoe race. Apparently the women involved have never seen such a contraption before, much less ever been in one.

The race came down to the red team having to drink the goat milk to win. That’s when Desiree, by herself, began to chug the goat’s milk “like it was her job.” It was disgusting to stand there and watch that. I was trying to make sure she was drinking most of it but I was almost gagging watching it. Interested to know your thoughts on Sean later inviting the losing blue team to join the winning red team at the party. Was this another case of Sean being too nice, or as AshLee said, was it a case of Sean really wanting to see some of the girls on that blue team? Either way, the move didn’t go over well with the red team that felt they had earned that time with him. As if inviting the other team wasn’t bad enough, Sean then gave the rose to one of the women that needed to be emotionally rescued and reassured. We have seen Sean do this several times this season with Tierra and it’s becoming a pattern that the ladies are noticing.

Tierra and Jackie learned they were the unlucky ones who would be going on the dreaded two-on-one date this season. There will be a lot said about Tierra this season and I may be hammered by people for saying this, but the woman is good at what she does. It may not be pretty or nice, but if her goal is to stir up the pot get the other women off their games and “win” Sean, then she’s doing just that. She snuck over to the group date party the night before her date just to steal a little time with Sean to plant the seed for the next day. While all the other women are going crazy talking about Tierra to Sean she’s able to perfectly play the victim. I don’t feel like sweet little Jackie ever stood a chance against a professional assassin like Tierra. It was a mismatch from the start and as much as fans didn’t want to see it, the unthinkable happened, and Sean kept Tierra… again.

The cocktail party was a complete disaster this week. It was really the boiling point for all involved. The ladies finally had enough of Tierra’s antics and Sean finally had enough of all of it. You saw a brief bit of the ladies having it out with Tierra, but there was much of it you didn’t see. The battle got extremely intense and lasted for hours and spilled from room to room. Sean was beginning to get really aggravated by all the drama and he also caught a firsthand glimpse at Tierra in full beat-down mode. The night, and really the week in general, was not a good one for Sean. When I sat down with him he was not in a good place and was questioning his entire journey. This is one of those times where my experience really pays off. Sean didn’t need a confrontational deliberation this night. He needed to be questioned, but also just reassured that this too would pass. Sean said goodbye to Robyn at the rose ceremony but he honestly considered saying goodbye to the whole thing.

So after a really rough week in the beautiful town of Whitefish it’s off to Lake Louise in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada to try to turn this thing around. Remember, this was just night one of a two night Bachelor extravaganza. Tonight, at a special time, 9 p.m. (8 p.m. Central) you will get to see our week in Canada, and while things turn around it’s not without its fair share of drama, tears, running mascara and, yes, paramedics. I’ll see you again tonight and I’ll have another blog up tomorrow to wrap up the show. As usual you can always find me on Twitter and instagram @chrisbharrison.

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