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I sometimes forget to stop and think about the weirdness that is the Spoiler Room photo blend. I mean, how hilarious/weird/awesome would it be if Dwight, Morgan, and Brennan were on the same show? I mean…wow.

Sorry, can you tell I just got off a Red Eye?

Anyway, enjoy your scoops below, and keep sending questions. I like questions — they give me the same feeling that I got whenever I’d get mail as a kid. That was pretty much euphoria, right?


Monday’s episode of Bones is going to find Brennan near-death and having visions of her dead mother. Heavy? You bet. Thankfully, Emily Deschanel reports that despite an upcoming string of fairly drama-heavy episode, they’re currently about to start work on one that’s pretty much the opposite. “The next one we’re going to do is about survivalists, people thinking the end of the world is coming and living in a bunker,” she says. “They’re all kind of incestual and sleeping with each other. So that’s kind of quirky and fun.” And dirty. “They’re all passing syphilis to each other,” Deschanel says with a laugh.

But her show’s ability to weave the dark and light waters of television so effortlessly over the past 8 seasons is something the actress says has been a gift. “There’s always a light touch to the show, which I think is unique in television. It’s a breath of fresh air, and it’s good for us to do when we deal with death all the time,” she says, adding that Brennan’s ability to be the source of humor is also an unexpected but welcomed aspect to the character. “What she thinks is hilarious is not necessarily hilarious to other people. So that’s fun to play for sure.”

Note: Check out a First Look photo from Brennan’s upcoming near-death experience here. And watch InsideTV for more from our chat with Deschanel soon.


Reid may have taken center stage in the last few episodes of Criminal Minds (R.I.P. short-lived girlfriend), but come episode 18, Morgan is going to find himself dealing with a very personal matter of his own — one longtime fans of the series likely will have no trouble recalling.

In episode 18, called “Restoration,” Morgan finds himself back in Chicago dealing with a case that forces him to face Carl Buford, the man we know abused him as a child. “It’s just a really nice strong story again for Morgan — similar to his one last year where he had to help find his cousin,” says executive producer Erica Messer. “It’s also a nice call-back to season 2’s ‘Profiler Profiled’ [which introduced] a lot of characters that laid the backstory for Morgan. And a lot of those actors have returned to be in this episode. So it’ll be nice for you all to see.” (Messer jokes that the episode will likely have the longest “previously on” segment the show has ever seen.)

And as you might expect, Morgan’s emotional episode will bring out the best of the fan-favorite friendship he shares with Garcia. “She’s not in Chicago this go-around but she’s definitely worried about him when she finds out this is related to Carl,” she says. “So it’s her natural, sweet worrisome self. But I think again we all love that relationship so much that you’re excited to write that stuff and see those scenes.”

Meanwhile, make sure you watch my Twitter for a Criminal Minds treat.


When NBC passed on Office spin-off The Farm, producers of the comedy hit were left with a challenge to find a place for it in the existing season, and according to Greg Daniels, it’s actually worked out pretty well. “At the moment, we’re talking about cutting some of it out to make it more of an Office episode because the original cut had a tremendous amount of forward throwing stories and characters and stuff that we don’t see again necessarily. Although, we see some of them,” he says.

The current plan is to make “The Farm” fit in around episode 18, says Daniels, because it’s a time “when it would match where everyone in the story was.” “We are incorporating it, and it’ll be ¾ to ⅚ of the original episode and we put some more extras in it,” he says.

Meanwhile, Daniels confirmed that Zach Wood is expected to return later this season, but was mum on the details, which pretty much means it’s going to be amazing. “It’s kind of a neat story turn, so I can’t tell you too much about it without giving away a cool thing we’re doing. But he’s going to come back and we’re all excited to see him back,” he says.

In case you missed it, read more from my chat with Daniels here, where we talked about the reinvigorated Jim/Pam storyline this season.


I HAVE to know what’s going to happen between Jess and Nick now that they’ve kissed. Thanks! – Jillian

Naturally, they’re going to make a table out of newspaper! [awkward silence] Hey, this is New Girl, you didn’t expect anything normal did you? But I can also tell you that in Tuesday’s episode, Nick and Jess try their best to avoid each other at a dating convention — and naturally end up spending a lot of quality time together. The result? A [spoiler!] near the end of the episode that will leave Jess in tears!

Sandra, I have a question about the Men of Letters: Will this plot mean that we’re done with the tablet stuff? And is Sam going to tell Dean about his conversation with Larry? He warned him to destroy it all but Sam seems to have done the opposite. Thanks! I love your recaps! – Kat

They’re not done with the tablets by any means. In fact, Supernatural consulting producer Ben Edlund, who wrote this week’s episode, says Sam feels finding this information center is just what they needed. “He leaps into the library and the data banks of this place,” says Edlund. “It for him represents a kind of well because he’s convinced it’s going to give them leads and information…[so while] it doesn’t directly affect the tablet story but it builds in on [that] as time passes.” As for Dean, Edlund says, “Sam if anything is a little starry-eyed and voracious like he was at Stanford…But it may come to pass later as thorns start to grow down there that Dean will bring up that point independently but not [this week].”

I haven’t heard a lot about this season of Southland. Anything new to report? — Ali

Plenty! First we meet for the first time two new men in John Cooper’s life — one boyfriend and one new boot, who’s a former soldier. Note: One of these men won’t be around by the end of the Feb. 13 premiere.

OMG please tell me more about the next episode of Nashville. We can see that Deacon will finally make a move on Rayna. — Anjelia

It’s more than a move. It’s a full-on elevator makeout! And it’s hot/must-watch. But Deacon’s also going to find himself in a little bit of hot water in this week’s episode after he’s blamed for a very bold move Juliette makes on stage.

Any Glee scoop? Bonus points if it’s regarding the original gang. — Amber

Well, on a slightly Puck related note, when I spoke with Jacob Artist, the actor told me that should Jake find out about Puck and Kitty’s fling, his reaction may surprise people. “I think it would be a mix of relief and confusion. I think when he finds out and if he finds out, it will be interesting for sure,” he says. “You’ll have to wait and see.”

Any Castle scoop? — Paulie

Scoop. Also, WOOHOO!

Sandra, I’m DYING for more Psych scoop. HELP this Psych-O! — Dani L.

Parminder Nagra debuts in the second episode of the season as Gus’s new girlfriend, whom he meets via Internet dating, and they waste no time getting close. (It’s adorbs!) But Shawn has major concerns when someone begins murdering people on the same internet datings site. (NO! NOT AGAIN, GUS!) But I’ll only say this: Nagra’s character is definitely hiding something that will come out sooner rather than later.

SO excited to see B.J. Novak on Mindy Project. Will Kelly and Ryan get their happy ending on this show at least? – Johanna

Unlikely, considering Mindy’s Valentine’s Day date ends with her sitting across from Danny in a crappy pizza joint. But if you always wanted to see Novak choke on a fish bone, get ready to have your dream come true! Also, if so, you have weird dreams.

Would love some NCIS scoop! Any great Feb sweeps teases you can share about Tony and Ziva? I have been loving this season so far! — Cheryl

“There’s definitely more Tony/Ziva stuff that’s coming down the road,” Glasberg tells me. But patience will continue to pay off. We’re currently in the midst of some pretty classic episode of NCIS, but it’s building. “It will be little bits and pieces here and there and some more significant stuff as well. And Ziva’s continued desire and interest in revenge for her father will continue and hopefully that will dovetail into something toward the end of the season as well,” he says.

Any Big Bang Theory scoop to share? — Luke

We’ve already told you about Raj’s possible new love interest, played by Raising Hope’s Kate Micucci, but what we didn’t share is that their first date conveniently takes place in a library — you know, where you have to be quiet. Oh, Raj. Meanwhile, in the same episode, Leonard is going to reveal his one-time career aspiration: to be a b—- —c–!

I LOVED the BBT’s Super Bowl spot, too, Sandra! WE NEED THAT POSTER? On that note, any scoop on my favorite gang? — Tara

I’ve given you what I can on BBT, but what about news on another CBS show that with a buzzy Super Bowl spot — 2 Broke Girls? Because I hear an upcoming episode is going to introduce Caroline’s Aunt Charity, who is a morphine lollipop-loving hot mess who used to have less than kind ways of dealing with Caroline when she was a tot. This already sounds like one of my favorite episodes.

(Samanthan Highfill contributed to this column.)

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