Star Trek Into Darkness opens on the big screen in theaters on May 17, but it will hit the very big screen two days earlier. EW has confirmed that Paramount has finalized a deal with IMAX to release the Trek preboot-sequel onto IMAX screens on May 15. Translation: If you want to be the first kid on your block to find out if Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Khan, you’ll have to pay the low, low price of 37 dollars for an IMAX 3D ticket, not including popcorn.

Like Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight movies and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Into Darkness features a few scenes filmed using actual IMAX cameras. Presumably, IMAX cameras were used to film The Scene Where The Spaceship Crashes Into The Earth. You don’t want to see that in a boring old non-IMAX screen, do ya pal? C’mon, just pay for the IMAX 3D ticket. It’s only 54 dollars! (Yep, the price inflated between paragraphs.)

News about the early IMAX screening comes on the heels of the release of a new Star Trek Into Darkness app. If you download the app, you can unlock movie tickets for the May 15th showtimes — the app will regularly update over the next few months, in anticipation of the movie’s release.

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