Adhir Kalyan
Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

As Timmy on CBS’s Rules of Engagement, Adhir Kalyan has a wealth of comedic moments to tackle. And as the show prepares to kick off season 7 tonight on CBS, EW asked the actor to revisit some of his favorite moments.

So Kalyan was nice enough to come up with five highlights, presented below — with video clips!

1. “Flirting” – Season 4, episode 1

“Bible Study episode — Russell asks Timmy to retrieve his cellphone from the apartment of a girl he’s had a one-night stand with. When Timmy arrives at the girl’s apartment, he finds himself drafted into a Bible Study Class, as well as a situation that becomes increasingly more complicated.”

2. “Free Free Time” – Season 4, episode 8

“The episode where Timmy is driven to such frustration, his behavior spirals out of control and he resorts to punching Russell’s lunch violently, throwing said lunch and any object he can find at his boss, and devolves into juggling and shaking Russell’s soda cans before giving them to him. “

3. “After The Lovin'” – season 6, episode 10

“Cool Hand Soup! The episode where Timmy literally has soup bazooka’d into his face, repeatedly, for Russell’s video for his spoon invention. Traumatic.

4. “Family Style” — season 3, episode 7

“The episode where Timmy has to go to a therapist and pretend he’s Russell, complete with passing off Russell’s worrying issues and disturbing journal entries as his own, all because Russell wants to sleep with said therapist.”

5. “Singing and Dancing” – Season 5, episode 15

“The episode where Timmy tries to recruit Russell to be a part of his a cappella group, The Raging Toners, who specialize in belting out Elton John tunes.”


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