Kitty Kelley
Credit: Jeff Christensen/AP

The woman who profiled Oprah, Nancy Reagan and Frank Sinatra has a new subject: the Senate

Kitty Kelley, author of Oprah: A Biography and Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography, will next tackle the influence of women in the 113th Congress, publisher Grand Central Publishing announced today.

According to the release, the book, slated for a spring 2016 release, will "investigate" the power of the Senate, which now includes 20 women.

"As a woman who cheers the accomplishments of other women on both sides of the aisle, I come to this project with a positive bias … More importantly, through in-depth reporting I will try to answer the question that so many are asking: can the presence of women break the ugly gridlock now choking Congress?" Kelley said in the release.

The author's previous works have been commercial successes and conversational lightning rods, with Oprah dismissing Kelley's biography.

But the new book would mark a turn to the political that nonetheless leaves us wondering how and where Kelley will strike a balance between behind-the-scenes gabbing and all-over reporting. Surely we can't be the only ones wondering what Elizabeth Warren and Susan Collins talk about in the elevator?

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