February 04, 2013 at 07:09 PM EST

Luke Evans plays the movie’s Big Bad, Owen Shaw, the leader of “a team of highly coordinated drivers capable of executing massive automotive heists. Basically, if Dominic Toretto is Walter White, a homegrown talent with a ragtag gang of criminals on his side, then Owen Shaw is Gus Fring, an extremely disciplined master criminal with a global operation.

Except Gus Fring never drove a car like this, which is specifically designed to flip every car on the road in the most cinematic way possible. Fun fact: Rumors originally had Jason Statham in line for the role of Owen Shaw, which would have led to an inevitable Bald Bicep Mexican Standoff Arm-Wrestle between Statham, Vin Diesel, and The Rock. But Evans played Zeus in Immortals and a different Greek God in Clash of the Titans. Maybe “Owen Shaw” is just a pseudonym for Zeus. Maybe the Fast franchise is the closest our society comes to the Modern Myth. (In this metaphor, Vin Diesel is Ares, Michelle Rodriguez is Hades, and Ludacris is that one god who always hung out in the corner going “Oh, hell no.”

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