By Kyle Anderson
Updated February 04, 2013 at 06:39 PM EST

Since “Barely Breathing” first made him a household name back in 1996, Duncan Sheik has split his time between his own albums and a soundtracks for film and theater (including the Grammy and Tony-winning score for the Broadway smash Spring Awakening).

One of Sheik’s more recent live staples has been a tune called “Lay Down Your Weapons,” which he only recently recorded and which is seeing its world premiere below. The track, built on top of a gentle bed of piano and acoustic guitar, is a twisty narrative about the various types of violence human beings inflict on one another. Stream it below:

“Lay Down Your Weapons” was written in 2011, while Sheik was on tour in Indonesia. “I have been playing it live during the past couple of tours and there have been many requests that I release some version of it,” Sheik says of the song. “Because of the the ongoing, senseless gun violence that is plaguing America I felt even more acutely that I wanted this song to be available to anyone who wanted to hear it. The lyric was not written as a political statement and is obviously a metaphor about fraught human relationships but I do feel personally there are many types of weapons out there that need to be ‘laid down’ for good and forever. Thank you for listening.”