By Mandi Bierly
February 04, 2013 at 04:03 PM EST

Weed Country

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Just call it “Weed Wednesday.” On Feb. 20, Discovery premieres two new series: Pot Cops (9 p.m. ET), which is fairly self-explanatory, and Weed Country (10 p.m. ET), which goes deep inside the Emerald Triangle — a remote, fertile green goldmine on the border of Northern California and Oregon — to document the battle between marijuana growers, dealers, and the authorities who want to keep the medicinal product from falling into the wrong hands.

“Heavily armed with weapons and helicopters for aerial surveillance, these hardline law enforcers will stop at nothing to take down the growers’ operations and cut off their supply chains,” Discovery says in its announcement. “As the pressure intensifies, turf wars and battles erupt between neighbors. Will the growers win the fight to change hardline political and social attitudes? Or will the authorities be able to bring them down once and for all?”

Watch an exclusive preview of Weed Country below.

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Weed Country

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