The business from The Office is getting a nice (local) push during this weekend’s Super Bowl. — which makes office products — will air the first-ever commercial for the Dunder Mifflin brand from NBC’s The Office. The spot dubbed “Paper War” was actually created by a dude in Tallahassee, Fla. named Freddy Rabbath, who won $15k for creating the concept.

A judging panel made up of producers from The Office, as well as suits from and NBCUniversal, picked the winning spot that will only air in Scranton, Pa. (Bummer). Anyway, for you out of towners, here it is: began offering Dunder Mifflin paper in 2011 through a licensing relationship with NBCUniversal. The spot is meant to promote the entire line and will air during the game’s third quarter in Scranton.