EW's managing editor Jess Cagle talks about his time at Sundance

By Jess Cagle
Updated February 01, 2013 at 05:00 AM EST

At this year’s Sundance Film Festival (where EW is a Leadership Sponsor), you couldn’t avoid porn — from Lovelace (starring Amanda Seyfried) to The Look of Love (starring Steve Coogan as British skin magnate Paul Raymond) to Interior. Leather Bar. (James Franco and Travis Mathews’ imagining of some hardcore footage cut from the 1980 movie Cruising). So it’s not surprising that one of the best movies I saw at the fest, Don Jon’s Addiction, is about a meathead (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) addicted to Internet porn until two extraordinary women (Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore) cause him to rethink his hobby. Funny, touching, smart, and supremely confident, Don Jon’s Addiction is also Gordon-Levitt’s feature directorial debut, and it establishes him as one of Hollywood’s most exciting new directors. You can see for yourself when Relativity releases the movie this summer. In fact, it was a very strong year for movies at Sundance, and as always, dozens of casts and filmmakers came through the EW photo and digital studio (thanks to our sponsors: Windows Phone and Surface; L’Oréal Paris) to pose for photographer Christopher Beyer. We have a photo gallery in this issue (and you can find videos from the studio in our tablet edition and on EW.com). As I write this, the layout is still being finished, but I’m reasonably certain that all the actors here kept their pants on. After our stint at Sundance we moved on to Los Angeles, and EW toasted the Screen Actors Guild nominees at Chateau Marmont on Jan. 26. The event — sponsored by essie and Audi — gave Bradley Cooper a chance to hang with his costars from Silver Linings Playbook as well as fellow Alias alum Victor Garber. And it gave the EW team a chance to thank the actors who make our jobs possible.

Jess Cagle, Managing Editor

Silver Linings Playbook

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