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Former New York City mayor Ed Koch died this morning. Beyond his political career he will be remembered for making his mark on television and in movies. Just chheck out his IMDb page! He hosted Saturday Night Live before Giuliani, hung out with the Muppets in The Muppets Take Manhattan, and had a cameo in The First Wives Club.

Here are some clips from Koch’s decade-spanning career in the limelight:

1. Sex and the City

Carrie Bradshaw thinks that she is going to be a big-time model in a fashion show. Turns out, the show is full of famous New Yorkers of all ages.”What Dolce and Gabbana couldn’t get Ed Koch?” asks Carrie. “Gucci got him,” answers Margaret Cho. He may not be a professional model, but at least he makes it down the runway without tripping (unlike certain columnists).

(Jump to the 24 minute mark)

2. Saturday Night Live

“I think Ronald Reagan is a wacko,” Koch jokes.

3. The Daily Show

Koch talks about his book Eddie: Harold’s Little Brother. He jokes that he was bad at playing sports, but his brother, Harold, would say that he would only play if his little brother could, too. Then he defends the Bush Doctrine so… here’s the clip.

4. The People’s Court

Koch was the judge on The People’s Court in the nineties. Check out the way the voiceover guy says “jam.”

5. Koch

“Whenever I would fly home there was the city of New York laid out before me,” Koch’s voice says at the beginning of the trailer for the documentary on his life. “And I thought to myself ‘this belongs to me.'” The film opens today in Manhattan.

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