"Cloud Atlas," "Here Comes the Boom," and more

By Chris Nashawaty
Updated February 01, 2013 at 05:00 AM EST

Cloud Atlas (2012, R)
Tom Hanks, Halle Berry
A cornily enthralling sci-fi kaleidoscope of six interconnecting stories, based on the novel by David Mitchell. Actors juggle multiple roles as if playing a game of dress-up. B+

A Late Quartet (2012, R)
Catherine Keener, Christopher Walken
In this genteel tale of Manhattan musicians, Walken gives a surprisingly gentle, soulful performance. B

Here Comes the Boom (2012, PG)
Kevin James, Salma Hayek
James plays a beefy biology teacher who turns to MMA competitions to raise funds for his school. C-

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012, PG-13)
Emma Watson, Logan Lerman
A troubled high school kid befriends a band of smart, sophisticated misfits. A 2/12

Argo (2012, R)
Ben Affleck, Alan Arkin
Affleck’s riveting, based-on-true-events drama about the improbable rescue of Americans from Iran in 1980. A 2/19
Most grades are from EW’s reviews of the original theatrical release