By Jeff Labrecque
January 31, 2013 at 06:05 PM EST
Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers are about a 3.5 point favorite to win their sixth Super Bowl title on Sunday, and judging by the finely detailed Facebook map representing Niners/Ravens partisanship, that outcome will please most of the country. Not surprisingly, red spills all over the western half of the country, but there was also little love for the Ravens in the northeast — where Giants and Patriots fans are still licking their wounds after crucial losses to Baltimore.

The Ravens have plenty of support in the middle Atlantic states and through the southeast, but two battleground states deserve our special Chuck Todd-like attention: Louisiana and Wisconsin. Since Sunday’s game will be played in New Orleans, it’s worth noting that the Big Easy seems to be slightly in San Fran’s corner. And in Wisconsin, that tiny purple speck on its eastern border? That looks to be Ozaukee County, which includes the city of Mequon, home of Jack and Jackie Harbaugh, parents of the rival coaches, Jim and John. If that’s the case, parental neutrality be darned, John’s Ravens are getting some extra love.

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