Duncan Jones
Credit: Jonathan Wenk

They say it can’t be done. That a great movie can’t be made from a popular video game. Andrzej Bartkowiak’s Doom proved disastrous. Mike Newell’s Prince of Persia was an expensive misfire. Peter Jackson’s Halo never got off the ground. But now the world’s biggest MMORPG (that’s massively multi-player online role-playing game for you n00bs) is getting an adaptation.

Legendary Pictures announced yesterday that Duncan Jones would direct a live-action World of Warcraft film, based on Blizzard Entertainment’s unbelievably successful gaming universe, which was launched in 2004 (ten years after the 1994 release of the first Warcraft game) and, as of October 2012, boasts over 10 million subscribers.

Jones, the man behind well-liked sci-fi films Moon and Source Code, will direct the big-budget humans vs. orcs adventure with a script written by Blood Diamond scribe Charles Leavitt. Jones’ longtime producing partner, Stuart Fenegan, will executive produce, along with producers from Legendary, Atlas Entertainment, and Blizzard. Production on the video game adaptation is expected to begin in Fall 2013 with hopes of a Summer 2015 release.

On Twitter, where Jones posts as @ManMadeMoon, the director has had a great sense of humor about the geekosphere-shattering news, proving he’s got a digital savvy that feels appropriate for the director of a WoW film. He started off with confidence:

And then he retweeted a series of tongue-in-cheek statements about his upcoming venture — including one “respawning” joke, which references both Moon and Warcraft.

Seems to me that Legendary nabbed the right guy for the job. What do you think, though? Will Jones be the first director to create a truly great video game adaptation?

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