Steve Jobs: The popular jock to Bill Gates’s nerdy Chess Club president?

It certainly seems that way. As Stephen Colbert pointed out to the man himself last night, Gates has been working tirelessly for nearly two decades to promote education and eradicate childhood death through his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation — yet the Microsoft founder has never received the same sort of fawning popular acclaim that Jobs got every time he introduced a smaller iPod.

Gates, to his credit, wasn’t bothered by the question. “He was always cooler than me,” the billionaire told Colbert of Jobs. “He was brilliant. He had his own style, he had his own approach. And mine is I guess a little geekier than his was.”

Aww! Suddenly, I’m feeling bad for talking smack on the HP desktop I’m using to write this post. Who else wants to give Gates a sturdy nerd-solidarity hug — before hitting him up for some cash?

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