Truth in Advertising by John Kenney

According to recent novels skewering the advertising world, the modern ad guy has all the existential self-loathing of Don Draper without the manly gravitas. Truth in Advertising‘s Fin Dolan, armed with hipster glasses, James Perse sweaters, and an endless supply of smart-ass quips, looks the part of an ace Madison Avenue copywriter but can’t muster any passion for his career, which hinges on a Super Bowl commercial starring diapered infants in a dystopian society. Kenney, who was a copywriter for 17 years, is on his game when lampooning corporate absurdity and less so when parsing Fin’s rather generic after-hours crises. But while many of Fin’s ad ideas — including a diaper spot featuring Al Gore’s head on babies’ bodies — fail spectacularly, we’re sold on Kenney’s trenchant, quick-witted debut. A-

Truth in Advertising

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