By Hillary Busis
Updated January 30, 2013 at 02:42 PM EST
Credit: Fox

From Ross and Rachel’s Central Perk lip-lock to Kate and Sawyer’s scorching smooch — as he was tied to a tree in a jungle of mystery! — TV’s given us plenty of memorable first kisses. And after last night’s New Girl, we can add one more to the list: Nick and Jess’s passionate embrace, which was hot enough to silence those who have complained that Zooey Deschanel’s character is just too precious and immature for a 30-something woman. [Sheepishly raises hand.]

Will Jess ditch sleepy-eyed Sam for her grumpy roommate? Will she and Nick spend next week’s episode pretending like their makeout session never happened? Will Nick ever get that awesome trenchcoat back? Since there’s no way to know as of now, let’s focus on one question we can answer: Precisely how many times did you watch and re-watch that blistering kiss? (And the tender one that followed. Awwwww.)

Think your number was too low? Bump it up by repeatedly playing this clip:

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