By Keith Staskiewicz
Updated January 30, 2013 at 09:16 PM EST

Die Hard With a Vengeance follows the Return of the Jedi/Last Crusade rule of threequels in which the main threat of the first film (Death Star, Nazis, a Gruber) returns in a slightly altered form, but as you can see from the handy trilogy of infographics below, DHWaV‘s Gruber was a lot grabbier with the loot, taking an impressive $140 billion compared to Hans’ relatively paltry $640 million. In preparation for A Good Day to Die Hard, Fox has been releasing these easy-to-read collections of stats on the other films in the series, a gesture I appreciate since I’m generally terrible with numbers. (You may have seen my film, Math is Hard 2: Math is Harder.) The latest bit of fact-art is for John McTiernan’s riddle-me-this third entry.

Here are the other two, just in case you were about to get into a serious argument over how many mustaches there were in the first Die Hard. It’s 19, including Carl Winslow’s glorious lip-warmer.

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