By Adam Carlson
Updated January 30, 2013 at 08:12 PM EST
Credit: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton may be stepping down as secretary of state, but she’s stepping up her writing.

In an online “townterview” held yesterday out of Washington, D.C., the former senator and first lady said that she “will” write a memoir, presumably after leaving the State Department this Friday.

“I don’t know what I’ll say in it yet,” Clinton said, but added that it would allow her the chance to “go into greater detail” about the last four years.

There’s plenty of possible material — which Clinton will be able to play up any way she wants. A lengthy exploration of interventionism vs. imperialism? A breakdown of the U.S.’s international image with regards to the evolving, increasingly electronic, global community? A whole chapter about her and Barack laughing on 60 Minutes? Oh, Hils.

No word yet if Simon & Schuster, which published Clinton’s previous two books (It Takes a Village and Living History), has any deal in place for the manuscript, which means at least two things: Clinton hasn’t done much manuscript making, and once she’s finished, it’ll be up for grabs! Get to bidding, world.

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