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Who says a buddy road trip comedy is reserved for the boys’ club? In Ass Backwards, which premiered at a Sundance Midnight screening last week, Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael star as two best friends who leave New York to compete in a pageant in their hometown. Obviously, hilarity and roadtrip sing alongs, like the one in the clip below, ensue. EW spoke with writers and stars Wilson and Raphael about the film, which is based on an actual road trip the real life friends took just after college.

“Spirits are very high even though we’ve just been evicted out of our apartment, our characters are very optimistic that everything’s going to be OK,” says Raphael of the clip.

“There’s only one problem,” Wilson adds,”which is that our CD skips. But it’s OK, because we’ve memorized all the skips.”

Check out the sneak peek of Ass Backwards below.

Aha’s “Take on Me” is a perfect choice for the scene as the duo leave the city behind — who hasn’t sung along to 80s classics on a road trip? But Wilson and Raphael’s real life road trip featured more musicals than pop songs on the stereo.

“The CDs that Casey brought with her were all scratched,” Raphael says. “We realized that along the way and I was so devastated that I didn’t bring any of my CDs.” The winning soundtrack? “Les Mis was fortunately or unfortunately the least scratched one so it got the most air time,” Wilson says. “We prefer the songs with the skips!”

But MP3 technology or not, memorizing the skips is the only way to go. Raphael jokes, “I hope people watch this movie with skips in it eventually.”

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