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January 29, 2013 at 03:45 PM EST

Ready to meet our new robot overlords?

Here’s Syfy’s 12 giant fighting robots that star in its upcoming new series Robot Combat League. In the show, human-controlled state-of-the-art robots pummel each other in a boxing ring until one is destroyed. Hosted by WWE’s Chris Jericho, Robot Combat League invades Syfy on Tuesday, Feb. 26. For much more on the show, see our original story here that has all the details about the show’s origin and format. After all, you’re not here for words. You’re here for bots. Here’s the rogues gallery of fighters, four on each page, followed by the network’s first teaser trailer. Each bot has their own official trading card-style description from Syfy. (I like Brimstone and Game Over).

BRIMSTONE: Steel and leather are the materials of choice for this robot — a mechanical brute with unstoppable pummeling power. The all-important brain/computer is housed inside a triple thick hammer-finish dome that is three times tougher and heavier than the armor of any other robot in the league.  The gleaming gloves and thug boots are made of the same heavy steel alloy.  For speed and agility, its arms and legs are protected by tough leather armor, which is light and flexible to offer excellent mobility. The smooth surfaces of the robot are made to deflect attacks by causing them to glide off the body armor. But an exposed mid-section allows opponents to open gaps and possibly damage internal mechanisms.

SCORPIO: This robot is built from fiberglass and aluminum.  Like a real insect’s spike-like hairs, Scorpio features metal spikes that are firmly fixed to its skeleton.  These spikes can be used to deflect its enemies’ blows, and at the same time turn its entire body into a weapon. However, its lightweight armor makes the robot more prone to attacks.

STEAMPUNK: Although more crudely constructed than its counterparts, Steampunk’s over-sized shells help it withstand attacks to any part of the body.  This is possibly the most versatile robot on the show, and can endure attacks to any part of its body. However, its heavy armor slows its rate of attack.

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MEDIEVAL: Inspired by the valiant knights of a bygone era, Medieval is built from steel with chain mail coverings and metal crests that create additional layers of protective armor during battle. One of the robot’s unique features is its shield, which offers superior defensive capabilities and a possible strategic advantage against opposing robots. Heavy armor makes Medieval one of the strongest and best protected robots in the competition, but the added weight limits speed and range of motion.


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