It’s shaping up to be another unsavory Grammys season for Chris Brown.

In the Breezy-Ocean debacle, Brown allegedly threw the first punch while in the parking lot outside of a studio where the two camps were reportedly arguing over a parking space. This led to an all-out brawl, which left Ocean with at least a cut on his finger that he said will affect his ability to perform at the upcoming Grammys ceremony.

Brown’s camp fled by the time cops arrived, but Ocean remained. And according to the New York Daily News, Ocean’s looking to press charges against Brown. “He’s desirous of prosecution,” a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesman told the paper.

It’s not clear yet how this will affect Brown’s relationship with the Grammys. Yesterday, we reported that “the incident [would] not have an impact on the show’s scheduled performances, according to a source at CBS and another working with NARAS,” though we noted that things are always subject to change.

UPDATE: EW reached out to LA Sheriff’s Dept. spokesman Steve Whitmore, who told us that the department “is investigating the incident.” It appears to be a minor incident, he says and no one has filed charges. He does say that “desirous of prosecution” phrase is routine — in other words, it indicates that the victim wants it investigated.

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