It’s not quite the usual high fashion we’re used to seeing actress Jessica Alba in, but here she is in the first of seven character posters for her new 3D animated movie out next month, Escape from Planet Earth. Alba is joined by Brendan Fraser, Rob Corddry, James Gandolfini, and Sarah Jessica Parker in this alien-out-of-water tale from Cal Brunker (Despicable Me) out Feb. 14.

Alba’s Lena Thackleman is the head of BASA, the Baabian Aeronautics and Space Administration, which takes care of problems across the galaxy and stresses her out. But she’s been working on a very secret project — one which will change Baab, and everyone on it.

Click through for two other new posters featuring Corddry’s character, Gary, and Jonathan Morgan Heit’s character, Kip. Look for more posters to come on

Corrdry’s Gary is a world-class genius – a rocket scientist, an engineer, and a mission controller at BASA, not to mention the mastermind behind his brother Scorch’s (Fraser) rescue missions. But he gets none of the glory. So when Scorch needs rescuing from the Dark Planet, Gary has to summon all the bravery and strength that no one knew he had.

Kip (Heit) is Gary’s very energetic and relentless 9-year old Baabian son. He idolizes his superstar uncle Scorch and wants to be just like him.

Escape From Planet Earth
  • Movie
  • 89 minutes