Boy Meets World
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It was the show that taught ’90s babies right from wrong while simultaneously making all of us jealous that our teachers weren’t anything like Mr. Feeny. From Cory and Topanga’s lifelong love story to Shawn’s difficult childhood, Boy Meets World was packed full of sweet moments, quirky jokes and life lessons. And now, another generation could be defined by what the kid next door says, does and learns with the creation of Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World.

A mere 20 years after we first met Cory and Topanga, we’re introduced to their daughter, who is about to set out on her own journey. But before we get a glimpse into her life, we’re revisiting Cory’s journey, what it taught us in the 90’s and what we hope Girl Meets World will teach a new audience.

No two families are the same, and you make your own: Shawn’s childhood taught us that your home life doesn’t define you, and that all families don’t look the same. We also learned that your family isn’t always those you’re related to by blood. You can make your own family … even with people you look nothing like.

Even true love has its struggles: Some people might argue that Cory and Topanga never really hit a rough patch, but we have two words for them: ski lodge. And yet, Cory and Topanga’s love (just one representation of love on the show) prevailed, and now they have a daughter (who sings!).

Everyone has their own path: From Cory and Topanga’s early-in-life wedding to Shawn’s search for purpose and even Eric’s hard-to-follow journey, Boy Meets World was all about finding your own way and supporting one another no matter what. And let’s not forget the importance of being true to yourself, even if you speak to aliens or your name is Minkus.

Respect your elders (they really do know more than you): In the early days of the show, the biggest lesson was always about listening to your elders. Whether it was Cory’s parents or Mr. Feeny, with age came wisdom.

You never really have to grow up: Yes, the young kids we met in season one eventually matured and technically entered adulthood, but if Eric taught us anything, it was that keeping the child in you alive is what makes life fun.

Believe in yourself. Dream. Try. Do good.

We’re not sure what the future holds for Cory and Topanga’s adorable daughter, but as long as she has a sense of humor, a surprisingly mature outlook on life and an incredibly wise neighbor, we can’t wait to see what she teaches us. Correction: What she teaches the next generation of fans … and us.

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