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January 28, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST

Three important notices for all Spoiler Room readers:

1) Next week, I’ll be in California, so expect this column to be 30 percent less cold and bitter. 2) Don’t forget to send in your questions. ( If you do — I don’t know if you know this — but all the puppies everywhere will cry. And 3) Space Jam is awesome — and so are you.


As we know, someone is going down with the Amanda. But who? We’ll definitely find out sooner than you might think.

In fact, Gabriel Mann tells me that the big reveal has already been filmed and “it’s a very touching, very action-packed” script. “It is very moving and very poignant, and let’s just say it kind of re-ups Emily’s game in a lot of different ways,” he says.

And while he couldn’t say a single thing about the victim (naturally), Mann did tease that the next few episodes will be the perfect build up. “From a personal point of view, I tend to think that Jack’s fatal flaw is his pride. He’s been keeping the goings on with the Stowaway close to the vest while Emily has been caught up in the Aiden of it all and I’ve been caught up in the NolCorp-takeover-Padma-Marco of it all. I think all of a sudden, our eyes are starting to turn back to the Stowaway and say, ‘What’s been happening here right under our nose?’ he says. “I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to have Emily and Nolan’s sights set on you with laser intensity. Nobody messes with our Jack.”

Now deep into filming the second half of the season, Mann promises that viewers will soon see all the plot points connecting. “I think the ways in which [creator] Mike Kelley has managed to weave all of these things that seem to be coming from a lot of different angles is really one of his fortes,” he says. “I think for viewers of the show — any questions that they may have had or confusion about what came up in the first half of the season will be answered very deliciously in the second half.”

Guesses? Hopes?


The Office is preparing for its big goodbye but for one member of the current crew, goodbye is going to come a little early — they’re getting canned! But while the Office cast is mum on who gets the ax, Kate Flannery tells us of the firing: “I don’t think anyone will see coming.”

“When you think about it, Meredith is crazy, drunk and has been topless in the office more than once, and she hasn’t been fired…In no real workplace, would she still be around,” she says. “So you know what this person did is either really bad or there is something else that leads to it like someone just has it out for them.”

Angela Kinsey happily reports that everyone’s favorite miniature person is and will remain employed, but that doesn’t mean all is well for her. “There is a huge public humiliation in store for Angela,” she teases. “She is a woman scorned, and she can’t be held accountable for what her scorning is doing to her. She’s spiraling, and it is going to get out of control. We have been building to it and it’s a-coming — just you wait.”


Our Seattle Grace gang has been off in a few different directions these days — getting preggo, wooing interns, getting rich. So when are we going to get a chance to see a few of our favorite pairs of pals back together again?

If my Twitter account is any indication, y’all are missing the fun we used to have watching Arizona and Alex pal around. What you might not know is that Jessica Capshaw misses it as much as we do! “I know, I know. They’re a good pair aren’t they? It’s so funny you say that because I was just thinking about that. We have a table read today and I was wondering if they were going to get back together,” she says. “But I mean everybody is off in all different directions because there’s a lot of us now and a lot of different stories happening and each of us have been busy with different things.”

But while Alex seems to have his hands full wooing what could be his most significant relationship in years, Capshaw reports, Arizona will soon find herself getting reacquainted with another colleague. “There’s more Arizona-Bailey stuff coming up!” she says happily. “I love their dynamic because both of them are so feisty and so unapologetic about thinking they’re right all the time that they’re fun. I love their character stuff.”

In the love department, Capshaw reports that we will continue to see Arizona on the healing path — both physically and mentally — and doing so will definitely help her relationship with Callie get back to full strength as well. “I think they’re back on the road,,” she says.

(Read more from Capshaw here, in case you missed it.)

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