One of the most charming moments of last night’s SAG awards was Jennifer Lawrence’s Best Actress acceptance speech, where she thanked MTV for allowing her to get her SAG card by casting her in a My Super Sweet 16 promo years ago.

Lawrence is far from the first now-A-lister who had to pay the bills back in the day. We rounded up some of our favorite commercials from stars who probably wish that the ubiquity of YouTube didn’t make these long-in-the-past acting jobs quite so easy to find.

We only selected commercials from prior to the stars’ big break – so no Sofia Vergara ads for Pepsi or Brad Pitt hawking Chanel No. 5 – although there is another Pitt commercial which made the cut. Check out ‘80s-era Pitt, as well as nine more “before they were famous” ads below.

10. Brad Pitt for Pringles — 1988

9. Mila Kunis for Lisa Frank — 1993

8. Leonardo DiCaprio for Bubble Yum — 1980s

7. Kirsten Dunst for Baby Dolly Surprise — 1989

6. Ben Affleck for Burger King — 1980s

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5. Steve Carell for Brown’s Chicken — Early 1990s

4. Bruce Willis — singing! — for Seagrams Wine Coolers — 1987 (Update: This is during Moonlighting, but pre-major movie stardom.)

3. Jack Black for Pitfall TV — 1982

2. Paul Rudd for Super Nintendo — 1991

1. Meg Ryan for Burger King — 1982

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