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Image courtesy of Beyonce’s instagram: @baddiebey[/caption]

We’re now a week out from Beyoncé-gate, but more victims are still coming forward.

Today’s individual? New York Senator Chuck Schumer, who was seen grinning and applauding behind Bey during her inauguration performance. Schumer is credited as the person who actually got Beyoncé and Jay-Z to show up at the inauguration, which he was in charge of planning.

Sen. Schumer told the New York Post this morning that the singer still hasn’t apologized to him personally. “I have not heard from her before, during or after,” Schumer said after he was asked if Beyoncé had called him to give a musical mea culpa. “She did not talk to me at all. I didn’t say any words to her, period.”

The apology likely won’t be forthcoming (Reps for the singer and the senator didn’t return EW’s request for comment). So far, the only response to any of this controversy from Bey is a photo. Over the weekend, she uploaded a picture to her Instagram account — Stars! They’re just like us! — of herself rehearsing for this Sunday’s Super Bowl performance. Her shirt reads: “Can I live?”

PopWatchers: Can she?

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