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Tonight’s episode of The Bachelor (ABC, 8 p.m. ET) has everything the show is known for: tension as Tierra and everyone Robyn clash, an ill-conceived group outing that results in someone needing medical attention, a “Pretty Woman” date, and another love-conquers-all-fears adrenaline escapade (and a contestant with intimacy issues kicker). We asked host Chris Harrison for a few teases:

• The roller derby date: “Roller derby was, I think, in the line of many bad ideas for dates where people get hurt. It reminded me of the Muay Thai boxing [during Ashley Hebert’s Bachelorette season] where we’re like, ‘How about if everyone just beats each other up,'” Harrison says, with a laugh. “Then they start doing it and getting hurt, and we’re like, ‘This isn’t such a good idea.’ It’s a really physical date, a really rough date. First of all, Sarah is on this date, and physically, she has trouble overcoming that with only one arm. There’s that dynamic, and then literally, the girls are just falling on their butts and it hurts, and it’s not fun, and it’s not sexy, so Sean has to readjust the date on the fly.” (This is not the craziest group date we’ll see this season, Harrison notes: “You just have to wait one week later, and you’ll see the craziest thing. I can’t believe they did it. I will tell you that we are in Lake Louise, Canada, and it’s really, really, really cold. And then the date gets colder,” Harrison says, laughing again. “When you mix naked with cold, that’s a tough combination.”)

• The ambulance call: Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss once told us that he knows it’s a good season of The Bachelor when an ambulance is called. In the video below, Harrison tells us tonight won’t be the last time we see paramedics this season and talks about Tierra’s tumble down the stairs last week. We asked him how, in a house with that much drinking, there’s not a camera fixed on the stairs at all times. “There’ll be a camera next year on the stairs and from now on. Lesson learned,” he says. “There’s really not a camera on the stairs. Bachelor Pad, we put cameras all around, and we tell the cast it’s a mic’d and camera’d house, so you can be seen pretty much everywhere. For The Bachelor, we don’t. It’s formulaic at this point, we know what we’re gonna use and what we’re not. They have a lot of freedom at the house, and they’re not on camera a lot — there’s no hidden cameras or cameras in ceilings.”

• Tierra tension: “Tierra, or Tierrable as they call her now, is on that group date, and people will see that just like last week, she’s stirring the pot. Just when you think she’s gonna make things right, she doesn’t,” Harrison says. When did he know she was this season’s troublemaker? Immediately. But he doesn’t look at her as a “villain.” “Go back to Courtney: It’s just the way they go about dating. I guarantee you, Tierra does this in her real life. I think it’s when you shine a big light on it and a camera, that you’re like, ‘Ooh. Wow.’ I bet she watches some of this back and she’s like, ‘I’m kinda manipulative,'” he says. “There’s women like that, there’s men like that, that play a situation. And who’s to say it’s not a great way of doin’ it, because it worked for Courtney. And with Tierra, you’ll see she’s getting to these women, and they kind of hang themselves. They go to Sean, and then Sean comes to Tierra, and she’s just a sweet, innocent little girl like, ‘What? I don’t understand.’ So it’s working. If it continues to work, we’ll see. But right now, she’s getting the best of the situation.”

• Leslie H.’s “luxury date”: She gets to go shopping for a dress on Rodeo Drive and accessorize it with a $500,000 necklace. Has there ever been a Bachelor contestant who, off-camera, was like, I don’t want to be treated like a prostitute-turned-princess? “No, what woman wouldn’t want the Pretty Woman date?” Harrison insists. “It’s amazing. Jewels, dresses, limos, jets — it’s one of the best dates we have. And usually you walk away with something: Whether it’s the guy or not, you usually get some jewelry out of it. But it’s also the pivotal date: You are put so high on this pedestal, that if you fall, it’s a tough one to fall from. So it’s kind of a make or break date.”

• Selma is afraid to fall (for Sean): Selma is jetted off to Joshua Tree National Park for some rock climbing, and then dines under the stars at what ABC describes as a “hipster-chic trailer park.” But there’s more to this date: “Selma is Iraqi. She was born Muslim. I don’t believe she is now, but her family is, and they’re very strict and very conservative,” Harrison says. “While she doesn’t necessarily have the same beliefs as her family, she definitely respects her family and their wishes. Just being on the show, as you’ll see, is a huge deal for her. To date out loud is not custom, obviously. When you cross the physicality of the show — emotions and kissing and where it goes — they have to deal with that. She has to explain to Sean what’s going on. And Sean, it’s very interesting because he’s a very Christian man and wears his emotions and religion on his sleeve. It’s why I love this show: It’s such a great social study, these two religions coming together and having to deal with this situation. People always say, ‘I wish you guys would do more real-life stuff.’ This is very real life.”

Bonus question: Does Harrison get calls from contestants wanting to return to the show that he turns down? Yes. “Past contestants, god love ’em, and I do like a lot of ’em, they are very game to continue this 15 minutes of fame and to stay on the show or to take my job. That’s a popular one: ‘You should have a cohost!’ or ‘When are you going to die? You’re getting kind of old and gray.’ Many of them would do pretty much anything to be back on-camera,” Harrison says. “But some of them make sense, like Kacie B. coming back this season. And actually, we went to Paige, thinking she was so sweet and wonderful on Bachelor Pad, and Sean is this sweet Southern guy, that maybe they’d be a really good match. Sean’s just so leery of anybody there for wrong reasons or their 15 minutes of fame, that he cut her immediately. But I kinda wish she’d stuck around a little longer, because she’s a sweet girl. So again, only if it makes sense do we do that.”

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