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In case the heads up in the headline wasn’t enough, I’m warning you yet again. This post contains at least two major Downton Abbey spoilers that you should avoid if you don’t want to know how season 3 ends or where season 4 is headed. That being said if you can’t wait to discuss the latest developments read on (but at your own risk!).


As if I wasn’t devastated enough about the conclusion of Matthew (Dan Stevens) and Mary’s (Michelle Dockery) epic love story, now comes word that our soon to be single heiress will have a new man in her life in season 4.

Though details are scarce about the upcoming season, TV Line reports that Downton Abbey producers are looking to cast Lord Anthony Gillingham, a handsome 30-something who comes a courtin’ for Lady Mary.

As someone who is already in mourning for Matthew (and plans to continue mourning him well into season 4), I’m not quite sure I’m ready to see Mary entertaining a new suitor so soon (that is, assuming the upcoming season picks up just a few months after the finale). After all, her romance with Matthew was supposed to be the once-in-a-lifetime kind, and while she’s bound to move on eventually (if only for the sake of the series), I’ll have an easier time accepting it if there’s a one or two-year time jump after his death. Is that too much to ask?

So now I turn it over to you. How do you feel about this latest development? Do you want Mary to find love again next season? Or would you rather she focus on managing Downton? Or maybe you’d rather see her get with someone who’s already appeared on the series (perhaps Pamuk isn’t dead after all!)?

Weigh in below.

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