By Lynette Rice
January 25, 2013 at 08:19 PM EST

Steve Burton’s going to try hard to not wear black on his new gig.

So when he debuts on The Young and the Restless on Jan. 29, don’t go looking for that signature black T-shirt, the leather jacket, or that familiar tough guy ‘do he sported on General Hospital. He’d like you to forget that he played Jason Morgan on ABC (despite having done it for more than two decades — and winning an Emmy for it).

“I know that persona is out there,” Burton admitted to EW about his longtime GH gig, which ended in September. “You can’t erase it in a day. But I’m going to do everything I can to not wear black. I’ll make my hair a little different! Maybe people will buy it. But some people will be, ‘you are Jason and that’s it.'”

Still, he’s excited about his new gig playing a war veteran named Dylan McAvoy who had an affair with the previously married Avery Clark (Jessica Collins). She is now with Nick (Joshua Morrow). “Where we pick up, he can’t get Avery off mind,” says Burton, who started Jan. 8 at CBS. “It is weird. It is bittersweet in a way. I loved GH. I loved my time there and the people there. But it was also time for something new in my life, a new challenge.”

He also gained a new buddy in Morrow. Check out how the two bonded on his first day.