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Last night’s episode of Parks and Recreation tackled the Pawnee City Council’s prehistoric gender relations head on. In an effort to one-up the all-male sanitation department, Leslie and April tried their hand at a garbage route, with mixed results. Meanwhile, Chris struggled to understand his new relationship with Shauna; Ron and Anne babysat Diane’s kids; and Tom, Ben, and Andy attempted to play basketball. Colossal failures and hilarious lines abounded. Here are the best:

1. Paula Hork, Pawnee’s first female City Council member: “All the other councilmen used to keep a calendar of my menstrual cycle…I once tried to start a commission to try to get more jobs for women in city government, and they dismissed me, saying that it was because it was just my time of the month. Admittedly, they were right. Because of the calendar.”

2. Chris: “I don’t entirely understand the behavior of young people. Recently we engaged in something called a ‘group hang.’ It was like a date, but there were seven other people there. It was very confusing. I’m not really sure what our label is. Labels can be bad. But they can also be good. ‘Warning: Toxic Bleach’ is a good label. Shauna Malwae-Tweep has amazing dimples.”

3. Tom: [After lobbing a shot straight into Andy’s arm] “Did I do basketball?”

4. Anne: “Hot tip for you babysitters out there? Let your kids play with medical tools. All the time.”

5. Leslie: “Let me tell you something: we are not leaving until this symbolic feminist obstacle is loaded onto that truck of women’s advancement.”

6. Diane’s daughter Ivy: [Immediately after cutting off portions of her and her sister’s hair] “Let’s cut off our toes!”

7. Andy: “You’re a good friend, Ben. Can I borrow $1,500? You’re not allowed to ask what it’s for…fireworks.”

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